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Biology Chapter 01 (1) - 1 Chapter 1 The World of Life...

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Chapter 1 The World of Life Science Life Science - the study of living things. Biology - the study of life Comes from the Greek words bio (life) and logos (study of). Other branches of biology: zoology - study of animals botany - study of plants microbiology - study of microorganisms Scientific Method A series of steps followed to solve problems. The steps used for all investigations are the same. But the order in which the steps are followed may vary. The Scientific Method ask a question form a hypothesis test the hypothesis analyze the results draw conclusions Scientific Model Model - a pattern, plan, representation, or description designed to show the structure or workings of an object, system, or concept. A model is never exactly like the real thing -  if it were, it would no longer be a model. There are many different types of scientific models. 1
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3 Types of models physical models - look like the things they model (heart model) mathematical models
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