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Biology Chapter 02-2 (1) - 1 Chapter 2 Section 2 The...

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Chapter 2 Section 2 - The Necessities of Life Would it surprise you to learn that you have the same basic needs as a tree, a  frog, and a fly? In fact, Every organism has the same 4 basic needs: water air a place to live food Water Your body is made mostly of water. Cells of all living things are about 70% water. Most chemical reactions require water. Organisms vary greatly in how much water they need. Humans would die within 3 days without water. Tarantulas never drink water. Air Air is a mixture of several gases: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide. Animals need oxygen to release energy from their food. Green plants need carbon dioxide. They use CO 2 to make food and oxygen during photosynthesis. 1
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A Place to Live All organisms need a place to live that contains all of the things they need to survive. Some organisms, such as elephants, require a large amount of space. Other organisms may live their entire life in one place. Space on Earth is limited. So organisms often compete with each other for food, water, and other 
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Biology Chapter 02-2 (1) - 1 Chapter 2 Section 2 The...

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