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Biology Chapter 02-2 (1)

Biology Chapter 02-2 (1) - 1 Chapter 2 Section 2 The...

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Chapter 2 Section 2 - The Necessities of Life Would it surprise you to learn that you have the same basic needs as a tree, a  frog, and a fly? In fact, Every organism has the same 4 basic needs: water air a place to live food Water Your body is made mostly of water. Cells of all living things are about 70% water. Most chemical reactions require water. Organisms vary greatly in how much water they need. Humans would die within 3 days without water. Tarantulas never drink water. Air Air is a mixture of several gases: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide. Animals need oxygen to release energy from their food. Green plants need carbon dioxide. They use CO 2 to make food and oxygen during photosynthesis. 1
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A Place to Live All organisms need a place to live that contains all of the things they need to survive. Some organisms, such as elephants, require a large amount of space. Other organisms may live their entire life in one place. Space on Earth is limited.
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