Biology Chapter 03- 3 (1)

Biology Chapter 03- 3 (1) - Plants have 3 types of tissues...

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1 Chapter 3 Section 3 - The Organization of Living Things In some ways, organisms are like machines.  Some machines have just one part. But most machines have many parts. Some organisms exist as a single cell. Other organisms have many - even trillions - of cells. Most cells are smaller than the sentence period in your book. Yet, every cell in every organism performs all the processes of life. So, are there any advantages to having many cells? Benefits of being multicellular: larger size - prey for fewer organisms. longer life - life span not limited to life of one cell specialization - each type of cell has a particular job that makes the organism more efficient. Organization Level cell tissue organ system organism
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2 Tissue a group of similar cells that perform a common function example - cardiac muscle tissue Animals have 4 types of tissues: nerve, muscle, connective, and protective
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Unformatted text preview: Plants have 3 types of tissues: transport, protective, and ground tissue. Organ a collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function of the body. example - heart, muscle, stomach What is the largest organ in the body? skin 3 examples of organs: leaf, stem, root System group of organs that work together to perform body functions. example - digestive system, nervous system Plants have systems: leaf systems, root systems, stem systems Organism a living thing; anything that can carry out life processes example - YOU! Structure- the arrangement of parts in an organism. It includes the shape of the part and the material of which the part is made. 3 Function- the special, normal, or proper activity of an organ or part. It is the job the part does. For example the function of the lungs is to exchange the air....
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Biology Chapter 03- 3 (1) - Plants have 3 types of tissues...

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