Biology Chapter 13-2

Biology Chapter 13-2 - ovule. Fertilization happens when a...

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Chapter 13 Section 2 - Reproduction of Flowering Plants Flowering plants are the largest and most diverse group of plants. Their success is due to their flowers. Flowers are adaptations for sexual reproduction. Fertilization Takes place in flower. pollination - movement of pollen from anther to stigma. Pollen can be transferred to another flower by animals, insects, or wind. Pollen contains sperm. Stamen consists of the anther and filament. After pollen lands on the stigma, a tube grows from each pollen grain. The tube grows through the style to an ovule. Ovules are found inside the ovary. Each ovule contains an egg. Sperm from the pollen grain moves down the pollen tube and into the
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Unformatted text preview: ovule. Fertilization happens when a sperm fuses with the egg inside an ovule. Male part of the flower: stamen , which consists of anther and flower. Female part of the flower: Pistil , which consists of stigma, style, ovary. 1 After fertilization takes place, the ovule develops into a seed. The seed contains a tiny, undeveloped plant. The ovary surrounding the ovule becomes a fruit. As the fruit swells and ripens, it protects the developing seeds. Fruit often helps a plant spread its seeds. Animals eat the fruit, and discard the seeds at a different location. Other fruits, such as burrs, gets caught in the animals fur. 2...
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Biology Chapter 13-2 - ovule. Fertilization happens when a...

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