Biology Chapter 16-3

Biology Chapter 16-3 - use their shell as armor to protect...

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Chapter 16 Section 3- Reptiles 4 Characteristics of Reptiles 1. lungs 2. thick skin - watertight layer that keeps cells from losing water by evaporation. Cannot breathe through skin, like A____ 3. ectothermic - cannot keep bodies at a stable temperature; more active when temperature is warm outside. 4. amniotic egg - egg that holds fluid that protects the embryo. reptiles, birds, and mammals all have them. reptile eggs surrounded by shell. Reptile Reproduction Usually by internal fertilization. After the egg is fertilized, a shell forms around the egg. The female lays the eggs. Some reptiles eggs’ develop inside the mother and is born live. Reptiles do not go through metamorphosis. Kinds of Reptiles turtles and tortoises - tortoises live on land, and turtles live in water. turtles come out to lay their eggs.
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Unformatted text preview: use their shell as armor to protect themselves. Can a turtle get out of its shell? 1 crocodiles and alligators -live most of their life in the water. their eyes and nostrils are on top of their head. crocodiles have narrow head and pointed snout alligators have a broad head and rounded snout snakes and lizards- most common reptiles Snakes are carnivores. They have a special organ in the roof of their mouth that helps them smell prey. When they flick their tongue out, they place it on the roof of their mouth. The molecules tell which prey is nearby. Snakes eat their prey by swallowing them whole. Lizards eat insects and worms, some eat plants. Komodo dragon eats deer and pigs. They do not swallow their prey whole. 2...
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Biology Chapter 16-3 - use their shell as armor to protect...

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