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Biology Chapter 17-1 - 1 Chapter 17 Section...

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Chapter 17 Section 1- Characteristics of Birds Birds share many characteristics with reptiles. They are vertebrates. Bird’s feet and legs are covered by thick scales. Bird eggs have an amniotic sac and a shell. How birds differ: Egg shells are harder. Have feathers and wings. Have a horny beak instead of jaws with teeth. Birds use body heat to maintain constant temperature. Feathers Function: help birds: stay dry and warm attract mates fly Birds take good care of their feathers . preening - the act of grooming and maintaining their feathers. Oil is spread on feathers from a gland near its tail. Oil is used to waterproof and keep them clean. When feathers wear out, birds replace them by molting . molting - shedding by birds of old feathers and growing new ones. Do other animals molt? 1
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Two Kinds of Feathers down feathers - soft feather that covers the body of young birds and provides insulation to adult birds. contour feathers
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Biology Chapter 17-1 - 1 Chapter 17 Section...

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