Biology Chapter 22-3

Biology Chapter 22-3 - A muscle that bends a body part is...

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Chapter 22 Section 3 – The Muscular System Have you ever tried to sit still, without moving any muscles at all, for one minute? Somewhere in your body, muscles are always working. Your heart is a muscle. Muscles make you breathe. Muscles hold you upright. muscular system – organ system whose primary function is movement and flexibility. 3 Types of Muscles smooth – found in digestive tract and inside the walls of blood vessels cardiac – found only in your heart skeletal – attached to bones for movement; also helps protect your inner organs. 2 Types of Action Muscles voluntary – muscle action that is under your control. skeletal muscles of your arm involuntary – muscle action that is not under your control smooth and cardiac muscles. Some skeletal muscles can be both voluntary or involuntary. Muscles attach to bone by tendons . Muscles work by becoming shorter. Skeletal muscles usually work in pairs.
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Unformatted text preview: A muscle that bends a body part is called a flexor . A muscle that straightens a body part is called an extensor . The biceps muscle is a ______________. The triceps muscle is a ______________. Use it or Lose it 1 What happens when someone wears a cast for a broken arm? Skeletal muscles around the broken bone become smaller and weaker. Muscles weaken when they are not exercised. Exercised muscles are stronger and larger. Two kinds of exercises increase muscle strength: resistance and aerobic exercise. Muscle injury strain muscle is torn sprain tendon is torn tendinitis inflamed tendon; takes long time to heal Anabolic steroids are drugs that make muscles stronger. Dangers damage the heart, liver, and kidneys cause high blood pressure can cause bones to stop growing 2...
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Biology Chapter 22-3 - A muscle that bends a body part is...

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