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Biology Chapter 22-4 - Melanin reduces damage that can lead...

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Chapter 22 Section 4 The Integumentary System What part of your body has to be partly dead to keep you alive? Here are some clues: It comes in many colors. It is the largest organ in the body It is showing right now. Integumentary system – made of skin, hair, and nails Skin is about 2 m 2 . It is the largest organ if your body. Functions of Skin keeps water in the body and foreign particles out of the body allows the sense of touch – feels things around you helps regulate your body temperature; sweat glands make sweat; as it evaporates, it removes heat from skin helps get rid of waste. Skin color is determined by a chemical called melanin . The more melanin, the darker the skin. Melanin absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun.
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Unformatted text preview: Melanin reduces damage that can lead to skin cancer. Layers of skin epidermis – only as thick as 2 sheets of paper. thicker on palms and soles most cells are dead dermis – collagen fibers provide strength contains several small structures such as sweat glands, hair follicles, and nerves and blood vessels. hypodermis – lowest layer connects to muscles Hair and Nails A hair forms at the bottom of a hair follicle. Older cells get pushed up. Hair shaft is dead. Hair gets its color from melanin, like skin. Hair helps protect us from UV light. Hair keeps dust and insects out of eyes and nose. A nail grows from living cells in the nail root. As new cells form, the nail grows longer. Nails protect the tips of your fingers and toes....
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Biology Chapter 22-4 - Melanin reduces damage that can lead...

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