Biology Chapter 24-2

Biology Chapter 24-2 - One of the most important substances...

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Chapter 24 Section 2- The Urinary System As blood travels through the tissues, it picks up waste produced by the body’s cells. Your blood is like a train that comes to town to drop off supplies and take away  garbage. If the waste is not removed, your body can actually be poisoned. Excretion – the process of removing waste products from the body. There are 3 body systems that have a role in excretion: urinary respiratory (CO 2 and H 2 O) integumentary (waste products and H 2 O) Urinary system – remove waste products from the blood; It is the organs that produce, store, and eliminate urine. kidneys – a pair of organs that constantly clean the blood. Your kidneys filter about 2000 L of blood each day. Your body holds only 5.6 L of blood, so your body cycles through your kidneys  about 350 times a day! Inside each kidney are more than 1 million nephrons. nephron – the unit in the kidney that filters blood.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the most important substances removed by nephrons is urea . Urea is formed when cells use protein for energy. It contains nitrogen. Water in, Water Out You drink water every day. You lose water every day in sweat and urine. You need to get rid of as much water as you drink. If you don’t, your body will swell up. How does your body keep the water level in balance? You get thirsty when you sweat out the water and your mouth makes less saliva. When you get thirsty a hormone from the pituitary is released. ADH (antidiuretic hormone) causes the nephrons to return water to the blood. Therefore you do not make as much urine. Some beverages contain a diuretic. diuretic – decreases the amount of water in the blood. Caffeine in drinks causes increased urine. Urinary System Problems bacterial infections kidney disease kidney stones...
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Biology Chapter 24-2 - One of the most important substances...

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