4 Oedipus - The Oedipus Story I Introduction A I I The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Oedipus Story 2/15/08 I. Introduction A. I I. The Labdacids: A Family Saga in Myth A. The Cadmean Family Tree B. Cadmus = sews the dragons teeth C. Polydorus = his line carries on his generation D. Labdacus = Polydorus’ son’s name 1. Speech defect 2. “lame-ness” E. Laius = the rightful successor or Labdacus, but he is exiled by the new King 1. Luycus = the first homosexual rape with Laius 2. Pelops and Chrysippus i. Laius makes Chrysippus wants to kill himself ii. Pelops curses Laius (Laius cannot have children, but if he does, his son will kill him) F. Oedipus and Jocasta 1. Eteocles (son), Polynices (son), Antigone, and Ismene i. Both sons kill each other in the civil war for the kingdom ii. Antigone t ried to bury her brother Polynices and gets punished a. She kills herself as a result iii. Ismene promises to take care of her exiled father for life I I I. Myth and Paradox: Levi-Strauss A. Myth is a form of logical reasoning 1. B. Labdacids and Lameness 1. All names within the family refer to deformed limbs C. Levi-Strauss’ Presentation of the Myth 1. Highly contradictory structure 2. A logical breakdown that shows the contradictions between genealogy 3. Do human beings come to being from plants, or as sexual procreation IV. Oedipal Fairy Tales: Myth and History A. Courtship Tales 1. Propp’s Summary i. “the hero of the standard fairy tale first receives a magic gift, and agent or helper, and then goes to the kingdom of his future wife, where with the aid of his magic gifts, he performs the difficult tasks in order to win the princess’s hand in marriage” 2. Basic Elements and Variants i. Helen a. Menalaus wins Helens hand in marriage by kicking ass in a series of contests ii. Penelope a. Hella suitors trying to get on that. iii. Atlanta a. Whoever can defeat Atlanta in the foot race, she will marry him, but if they lose she will kill him iv. Hippodamia a. Suitors must race her father in order to win her hand in marriage v. Marpessa vi. Iole vii. Son in law vs Father in Law a. Lethal contests / clashes between the two B. Medieval Parallels – The Incest tale 1. Prophecy of danger (the child will be trouble) 2. Child’s unwitting return to hometown (the child is first abandoned) 3. Murder, incest, and the religious life (child kills his dad, marries his mom, and has sex with her) 4. Incest Tale and Courtship tale C. Propp’s explanation 1. Matrilineal-Matrilocal: father in law vs son in law 2. Patrilineal – Patrilocal: father vs son V. Labdacids and Cypselids What this play is Not About 2/20/08 What this play is not about • Character Flaw o Aristotle on Hamartia o Oedipus’s character: vice or Virtue? o Does the punishment fit the crime?...
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4 Oedipus - The Oedipus Story I Introduction A I I The...

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