Introductio1 - Introduction Biotechnology refers to...

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Introduction Biotechnology refers to technology used to manipulate DNA. The procedures are often referred to as genetic engineering . DNA is the genetic material of all living organisms and all organisms use the same genetic code. Genes from one kind of organism can be transcribed and translated when put into another kind of organism. For example, human and other genes are routinely put into bacteria in order to synthesize products for medical treatment and commercial use. Human insulin, human growth hormone, and vaccines are produced by bacteria. Recombinant DNA refers to DNA from two different sources. Individuals that receive genes from other species are transgenic . Viruses Viruses contain genetic material but are not living. Host cells are required for their reproduction. Structure Viruses are composed of an inner nucleic acid core (genetic material) and an outer protein coat (capsid). Viruses that infect animals have an outer envelope (membrane) that is derived from the cell
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Introductio1 - Introduction Biotechnology refers to...

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