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Meiosis1 - Gametes Because pairs of chromosomes separate...

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Meiosis, Gamete Formation The three diagrams below show metaphase I , anaphase I and telophase I in an "Aa" individual. As can be seen in the diagrams, an "Aa" individual can produce gametes that have "A" and gametes that have "a". Metaphase 1 Anaphase 1 Telophase 1 Principle of Segregation Mendel’s principle of segregation states that paired factors ( genes ) separate during gamete formation ( meiosis ). Because the pair of genes (Aa, AA, or aa) separate, one daughter cell will contain one gene and the other will contain the other gene. (See diagram above.)
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Unformatted text preview: Gametes Because pairs of chromosomes separate during meiosis I, gametes are haploid , that is, they carry only one copy of each chromosome. An Aa individual therefore produces two kinds of gametes : A and a. Below: An "AA" individual produces all "A" gametes. Similarly, an "aa" individual produces all "a" gametes. Individual (genotype) Type of gametes produced AA all gametes will contain an "A" Aa 1/2 will contain "A" and 1/2 will contain "a"...
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