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Mendel1 - can be obtained in a short amount of time They...

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Mendel Mendel was an Austrian monk who taught natural science and worked on plant breeding experiments. He developed a basic understanding of genetics and inheritance. Mendel’s Work It took him 2 years to select the pea plant as his subject. He collected data for 10 years. His sample sizes were large; he tabulated results from 28,000 pea plants. He replicated his experiments. He analyzed his data with statistics (probability theory). Characteristics of Garden Peas: Peas are easy to grow, and take little space. They are inexpensive. They have a short generation time compared to large animals so that a large number of offspring
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Unformatted text preview: can be obtained in a short amount of time. They have some distinct characteristics that are easy to recognize. These characteristics can be used when trying to determine patterns of inheritance. They are easily self-fertilized or cross fertilized. Traits Studied by Mendel smooth or wrinkled seeds yellow or green seeds red or white flowers inflated or constricted pods green or yellow pods axial or terminal flowers tall or dwarf plants Mendels Crosses Mendel used pure-breeding individuals in the first (P 1 ) generation. P 1 yellow X green ↓ F 1 all yellow ↓ F 2 3/4 yellow, 1/4 green...
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