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Most isotopes do not have specific names

Most isotopes do not have specific names - has been...

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Most isotopes do not have specific names. - Uranium 238 is the name of this isotope. Radioactive – unstable isotope the spontaneously breaks down to a more stable form. Neutrino – neutral particle than may not have a rest mass, it is given the symbol ν . Positron – a positively charged electron, it is given the symbol e + or β + . Gamma radiation – is given the symbol γ Fission – A nuclear reaction in which a nucleus splits to produce two less massive nuclei. This is the reaction that takes place in nuclear power plants. Fusion – A nuclear reaction in which two nuclei merge to form a more massive nucleus. There are multiple fusion reactions that take place simultaneously at the sun’s core. Fusion
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Unformatted text preview: has been recreated on the Earth using various technologies. In both cases matter is converted to energy () Fusion reactions that take place in the sun. Proton-Proton I chain – One of a number of thermonuclear processes that takes place at the suns core. <The weight of one He is less than the four H it takes to make it, why?> The mass is turned into energy. 1 He is 0.7% less than 4 H atoms. At this rate of consumption the sun will last another 10 billion years or so. Main sequence stars are at least 90% H. Proton-Proton II and III chains reactions also take place at the core. Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen chain (CNO)...
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