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Management Information Systems 1. Adding Option Groups with the Wizard Option buttons (переключатели) , toggle buttons (выключатели) , and check boxes (флажки) can return only Yes/No (-1/0 or True/False) values when used by themselves on a form. When you place any of these controls within an option group, the buttons or check boxes can return a number you specify for the control’s Option Value property. The Option Group Wizard is one of three Control Wizards that take you step by step through the creation of complex controls. Open table Products Add field Quality (type-text, size 5)/ Save/ Close table Products Open form Products Field List /Quality for field Quality, on the Toolbox click the Option Wizard tool to turn on the wizards add the field Quality in the section Details in the window Option Group Wizard in the field Label Names type: very bad, bad, satisfactory, very good, excellent Next/Yes , the default choice is / Next/Next / In the window with text Store the value in this field choose the field Quality /Next in the next window choose type of controls and style :/Option Buttons, Etched, Sunken, Raised - for not white elements In last window sign group of switches – Quality To test work of the switch You can to change the name and value in OptionGroup Right-click on the label In Properties change field Caption, type new name (or Delete) In Properties change OptionValue field 2. Using Combo and List Boxes Combo and list boxes both serve the same basic purpose pick a value from a list, rather than type the value in a text. Using the Combo Box Wizard Open form Products in Design View Add new field CustomerID (type-text, size=5) View/Field List click the ComboBox tool in the Toolbox choose in FieldList /CustomerID , drag the CustomerID field in the Detail section of the form In 1 Wizard window to choose the first option ( I want the Combobox to look ….)/ Next In 2 window select the table Customer , with which connect the field / Next In 3 window choose fields from the table Customer: CustomerID, City for you combo box/ Next the fourth dialog displays the value list for the combo box. Disconnect option Hide Key Column /Next KIMEP
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Management Information Systems In the next window choose the field ProducerID for field Store that value in this field choose ProducerID /Next click the Form View button on the toolbar to test your combo box Close form Products 3. Creation of the list of fields manually.
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6_7_db_MIS - Management Information Systems 1. Adding...

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