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Unformatted text preview: Polypeptides Two or more amino acids bonded together are called a peptide . A chain of many amino acids is referred to as a polypeptide . The complete product, either one or more chains of amino acids, is called a protein . There is unequal sharing of electrons in a peptide bond. The O and the N are negative and the H is positive. Levels of structure The large number of charged atoms in a polypeptide chain facilitates hydrogen bonding within the molecule, causing it to fold into a specific 3-dimensional shape. The 3-dimensional shape is important in the activity of a protein. Primary Structure Primary structure refers to the sequence of amino acids found in a protein. The following is the primary structure of one of the polypeptide chains of hemoglobin. val his leu thr pro glu glu lys ser ala val thr ala leu tyr gly lys val asn val asp glu val gly gly glu ala leu gly arg leu leu val val tyr pro try thr gln arg phe phe glu ser phe gly asp leu ser thr pro asp ala val met gly asn pro lys val lys ala his gly lys lys val leu gly ala phe ser asp gly leu ala his leu...
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