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The Photosphere - Possibly caused by convection To view...

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The Photosphere The Photosphere is the part of the Sun that we can see. Has two parts, a shape edge called the Limb and the limb is darker than the center. The photosphere is only about 200 km thick. High resolution observations of the photosphere. With all earth based observations atmospheres limit the resolution. Observations of Sol are limited to 1 arc second, or about 700 km. Observing Granules - have a salt and pepper texture. Granulation caused by convection (boiling water). Each granule about 1000 km. Takes place in the convection zone, located just below photosphere. Supergranulation or Convection cells – Polygons about 30,000 km in diameter. Each contains 100s of granules. Lasts for about a day. Solar Seismology or Helioseismology. Sol’s surface is always oscillating; the study of this motion is called solar seismology.
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Unformatted text preview: Possibly caused by convection. To view these oscillations continuously, GONG was created. Sunspots and Solar Magnetism 11 year cycle of solar activity (poles switch). Areas that are relatively dark compared to their surroundings. Areas that are relatively cooler compared to the surrounding area. The umbra (very dark region) is about 3800˚k. The penumbra (not so dark region) is about 3900˚k. The Penmbra has a radial filamentary structure. Zeaman Effect – Process by which the splitting of magnetic fields is made known. Caused by the Differential Rotation . Magnetic field – Pairs 1 north, and 1 south (corona above hotter) The Chromosphere – lies just above the photosphere. It appears red because of the strength of the α (hydrogen) Balmer emission lines....
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The Photosphere - Possibly caused by convection To view...

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