The Cosmic Microwaves

The Cosmic Microwaves - The Cosmic Microwaves A powerful...

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Unformatted text preview: The Cosmic Microwaves A powerful blow against steady state theory was struck in 1965 with a surprising discovery. In a 1948 paper, Gamow had argued that the big-bang universe would at first be dominated by radiation — a raging sea of energy. As this expanded the energy would mostly be converted to matter. Alpher and Herman predicted that a remnant of the radiation would remain — a cosmic background radiation permeating all space. As the universe expanded this would cool. Radiation that had initially been far more than white-hot would by now have very low energy. They predicted the temperature of the universe now should be around 5 degrees Kelvin, barely above absolute zero. There was little communication in those days among nuclear physicists, observational astronomers and theoretical cosmologists. Furthermore, the fact that Alpher and Herman were employed in industrial theoretical cosmologists....
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