A Closer Look at Newton

A Closer Look at Newton - A Closer Look at Newton's Gravity...

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A Closer Look at Newton's Gravity Newton found that his gravity law is obeyed everywhere in the universe and could explain Kepler's three laws of orbital motion. Newton's development of the unifying law of gravity was also the culmination of a process of Occam's Razor in action. From Ptolemy to Newton, the theories of how the planets move got simpler and more powerful as time went on. Ptolemy's model had become extremely complicated by the time of the Renaissance and Copernicus reduced the number of circular motions to around 50 so it was simpler to use. Kepler vastly simplified the theory of planet motion by reducing the number of essential parts to just three laws. Newton unifed all of those laws to the ONE unifying law of gravity. This law was so simple and elegant that it could also explain motions on the Earth. But what is gravity? Newton understood how the gravity force affected the motion of objects but not why gravity worked the way it did. Recognizing the limits of his knowledge, he adopted an
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