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Asteroids - strength of the material of which they are made...

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Asteroids Two of the three types of asteroids are represented by the asteroids that have been explored up close with spacecraft. Mathilde is a dark C-type (brightness enhanced several times to match the other three). Gaspra, Ida, and Eros are S-type asteroids. Mathilde and Eros were visited by NEAR Shoemaker and Gaspra and Ida were visited by Galileo. Note their irregular shapes! Small bodies can have irregular shapes because their gravity is too weak to crush the material into the most compact shape possible: a sphere. Depending on the
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Unformatted text preview: strength of the material of which they are made, the largest non-spherical asteroids (and moons) can have diameters of roughly 360 to 600 kilometers. Planets are much too large (have too much gravity) to be anything but round. Ceres, the largest asteroid, is large enough to be round and is now re-classified as a " dwarf planet " (along with Pluto, Charon, and Eris)....
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