Atmosphere of Mars

Atmosphere of Mars - 101.3 kilopascals (14.69 psi), and a...

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Atmosphere of Mars Chemical species mole fraction Carbon dioxide 95.32% Nitrogen 2.7% Argon 1.6% Oxygen 0.13% Carbon monoxide 0.07% Water vapor 0.03% Nitric oxide 0.013% Neon 2.5 μmol/mol Krypton 300 nmol/mol Formaldehyde 130 nmol/mol Xenon 80 nmol/mol Ozone 30 nmol/mol Methane 10.5 nmol/mol The atmosphere of Mars is relatively thin and is composed mostly of carbon dioxide (95.32%). There has been interest in studying its composition since the detection of trace amounts of methane , [1] [2] which may indicate the presence of life on Mars , but may also be produced by a geochemical process, volcanic or hydrothermal activity . [3] The atmospheric pressure on the surface of Mars varies from around 30 pascals (0.0044 psi ) on Olympus Mons 's peak to over 1,155 pascals (0.1675 psi) in the depths of Hellas Planitia , with a mean surface level pressure of 600 pascals (0.087 psi), compared to Earth's sea level average of
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Unformatted text preview: 101.3 kilopascals (14.69 psi), and a total mass of 25 teratonnes , compared to Earth's 5148 teratonnes. However, the scale height of the atmosphere is about 11 kilometres (6.8 mi), somewhat higher than Earth's 7 kilometres (4.3 mi). The atmosphere on Mars consists of 95% carbon dioxide , 3% nitrogen , 1.6% argon , and contains traces of oxygen , water , and methane , for a mean molar mass of 43.34 g/mol. [4] [5] The atmosphere is quite dusty, giving the Martian sky a light brown or orange color when seen from the surface; data from the Mars Exploration Rovers indicate that suspended dust particles within the atmosphere are roughly 1.5 micrometres across. [6]...
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