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Bode's Law: When this "law" was first posited we did not know of the existence of planets beyond Saturn. The fact that Uranus and Neptune, when discovered, fitted , when discovered, fitted so well to this curve seemed to give it some credence, though there are some minor discrepancies (in the positions of Mars and Venus) in even the inner part of the system. The discovery of the asteroids - near but generally inside their "Titus-Bode" position - and then of Pluto which is way off the
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Unformatted text preview: line, cast the theory into doubt, though it could be argued these are explicable exceptions from an otherwise well-maintained rule. It has been pointed out that many satellites of the major planets also seem to follow a similar sort of rule. There have been attempts to explain why planets might tend to form in this sort of spacing, but it is still a matter of disagreement as to whether we should read any significance into this "rule" for the planets' spacing....
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