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Characteristics of Gravity Newton's Law of Gravity says a lot about this force in a very compact, elegant way. It says that any piece of matter will feel it whether it is charged or not (this sets it apart from electrical and magnetic forces that affect only charged objects). Gravity depends only on the masses of the two attracting objects and their distance from each other. It does not depend on their chemical composition or density. A glob of peanut butter the mass of the Sun will have the same gravitational effect on the Earth as the Sun does. Gravity is always attractive, never repulsive (this is another way it is different from electrical and magnetic forces). Because the masses are in the top of the fraction, more mass creates more gravity force. This also means that more massive objects produce greater accelerations than less massive objects. Since distance is in the bottom of the fraction, gravity has an
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Unformatted text preview: inverse relation with distance: as distance increases , gravity decreases . However, gravity never goes to zero---it has an infinite range (in this respect it is like the electrical and magnetic forces). Stars feel the gravity from other stars, galaxies feel gravity from other galaxies, galaxy clusters feel gravity from other galaxies, etc. The always attractive gravity can act over the largest distances in the universe. There is no way to get rid of the force of gravity. If you want to prevent a body from producing a gravitational acceleration on an object, you need to use a second body, with the same amount of gravity pull as the first body, in a way that its gravity pulling on the object is in the opposite direction. The resulting accelerations due to the forces from the two bodies will cancel each other out....
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