Circulation patterns in terrestrial atmospheres

Circulation patterns in terrestrial atmospheres - large...

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Circulation patterns in terrestrial atmospheres The value u is called the geostrophic wind , and is parallel to the isobars. The more the wind is away from the isobars the more there is a time-dependent situation - i.w du/dt is not 0. In the northern hemisphere the wind rotates anti-clockwise around a low. Mars too has a strong eastward-moving jet powered by baroclinic waves in the winter hemisphere close to the boundary of the seasonal CO 2 ice cap. Earth's middle atmosphere average latitudinal wind structure: This is dominated by Ozone heating. In the polar summer there is continuous input so there is a
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Unformatted text preview: large summer-winter difference and a high-level wind pattern is set up. Stratosphere and Lower Mesosphere There is believed to be a fairly simple global wind pattern in the 20-50km height range. Looking at the Coriolis equation above, in summer northern hemisphere u<0 and phi > 0 so we expect dp/dy>0. In the winter hemisphere we get u>0 and phi < 0 so dp/dy > 0. Set u>0 and phi < 0 so dp/dy > 0. So, the pressure increases from winter to summer poles - a contract with ground level where the surface governs the heating, and we get maximum pressure from the maximum heating....
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