Clusters of Galaxies

Clusters of Galaxies - they have grown very large from...

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Clusters of Galaxies The center of the Virgo cluster has three giant ellipticals, M 87 (bottom left corner) and M 84, M 86 (center right). M 86 may be a lenticular S0 type instead. Courtesy of AAO A rich cluster is seen in the Coma constellation---the Coma Cluster. It has thousands of galaxies (mostly ellipticals and S0 spirals) in a large, spherically-shaped cluster about 300 million light years from us. It is at least ten million light years across. The elliptical galaxies congregate toward the central regions while the few spirals are found on the outskirts. Two giant ellipticals (NGC 4874 & NGC 4889) occupy the central part of the cluster. Like M87 in the Virgo Cluster,
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Unformatted text preview: they have grown very large from pulling in galaxies that were unfortunate to have strayed too close to escape the giant ellipticals' gravity. Other rich clusters show the same segregation of the spirals from the ellipticals as the Coma Cluster. Ellipticals gather together in the center of clusters while spirals prefer to stay close to the periphery. The Coma cluster is a rich galaxy cluster with thousands of galaxies. Courtesy of NOAO/AURA/NSF The Hercules cluster is a poor cluster with less than a hundred galaxies. Courtesy of NOAO/AURA/NSF...
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Clusters of Galaxies - they have grown very large from...

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