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Comet Beginnings and Ends Some major meteor showers Meteor shower Max. Date Meteors per hour constellation RA :: Dec comet source Quadrantids Jan. 3 40 to 110 Bootes, Hercules, Draco 15h 28m :: +50° 2003 EH1 Lyrids Apr. 22 8 to 12 Hercules-Lyra 18h 16m :: +34° C/1861 G1 Eta Aquarids May 5 5 to 20 Aquarius 22h 24m :: 0° Comet Halley Delta Aquarids Jul. 28 15 to 35 Aquarius 22h 36m :: --17° ? Perseids Aug. 11 to 12 40 to 70 Perseus 03h 04m :: +58° Comet Swift-Tuttle Orionids Oct. 21 13 to 30 Orion 06h 20m :: +15° Comet Halley Taurids Nov. 1 to 8 5 to 12 Taurus 03h 32m :: +14° Comet Encke Leonids Nov. 17 6 to 10 Leo 10h 08m :: +22° Comet Temple-Tuttle Geminids Dec. 13 to 14 50 to 70 Gemini 07h 32m :: +32° 3200 Phaethon (inactive comet?) More on meteor showers from: International Meteor Organization EarthSky Jet Propulsion Laboratory --- 2010 shower dates page includes details on activity and
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Unformatted text preview: particle speeds The meteors not associated with a meteor shower are bits of rock from asteroids. The meteors that ARE associated with a meteor shower are much too fragile to survive their trip through our atmosphere and burn up at altitudes above 50 kilometers. Some of the comet dust intercepts the Earth at much slower speeds than those making the meteors and can make its way to the surface gently. Don Brownlee , an astronomer at the University of Washington has pioneered the collection of this comet dust in the stratosphere. More information about the comet dust samples is available at the Stratospheric Dust web site at the Planetary Materials Curation office of NASA....
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