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Dry Adiabiatic Lapse Rat4

Dry Adiabiatic Lapse Rat4 - Dry Adiabiatic Lapse Rate The...

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Dry Adiabiatic Lapse Rate The top curve is the surface infra-red radiation (- - -) filtered through the atmospheric transmission characteristics. Below 10 microns the water vapour is the main absorber, above 12 microns it is CO 2 and H 2 O. At 9.6 microns there is an ozone (O 3 ) absorption band. The temperature at the extremes of wavelength is rather that of the emitting gas at more or less the tropopause (see below) - 218K. The simple temperature balance equation above gave an expected effective temperature for the earth of 246K (T e spherical). What we actually see is 218K and a modulated 288K, averaging out to what you would get from a 246K Planck curve. Temperature profile of the earth's atmosphere Note that the structure is defined as a number of layers (-spheres) separated by -pauses which are defined as the inflection points - thus the tropopause defines the top of the troposphere and is where the temperature gradient turns over from negative to positive. The troposphere is heated mainly by the ground, which absorbs solar radiation and re-emits it in the infra-red. Radiative
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