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Eclipses Even if you don't use anything to magnify the Sun, and decide to watch it with your sunglasses, that's pretty stupid as well. Even polarized glasses won't protect you while staring at the Sun. You've probably glanced at the Sun for short periods of time, and you're left with an "afterglow" of its image. If you do that too much, that "afterglow" won't go away - ever. During eclipses people can get proper eye protection to allow them to safely view the Sun. These filtered glasses are available at low cost and provide a safe method of viewing the Sun. You may have heard of other things that can be used, but not all of those things are reliable. Figure 19. Eclipse glasses, with special filters, are the best way to view an eclipse safely. Now after all of this stuff about not staring at the Sun, I have to tell you that there is a time when it is okay to look at the Sun with a regular telescope - during totality, when the Moon completely covers up the Sun. At no time before total coverage and at no time after is it safe, only when the
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