Eclipse2 - Eclipses To experience a total solar eclipse,...

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Eclipses To experience a total solar eclipse , you must be located in the narrow umbral path of darkness. This is often referred to as the path of totality . It is so narrow (at most only about 300 km wide), and the motions of the Sun, Moon and Earth are rather fast, that you will only experience at most about seven minutes of totality. During the moments before the total eclipse, various features can be seen; amongst them is the diamond ring effect , where it appears as if the last bit of sunshine makes a diamond ring in the sky. Once the main surface of the Sun is covered up, the outer layers of the Sun, such as the chromosphere and corona, are visible. Figure 18. The diamond ring effect. Only a fraction of the surface of the Sun is visible here, but it is enough to cast a bright light through the valleys along the edge of the Moon. Eclipse photograph copyright 2001 by Fred Espenak courtesy of . You were probably told in
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