Effect of tidal torque on satellite and primary

Effect of tidal torque on satellite and primary - So, the...

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Effect of tidal torque on satellite and primary If we imagine a satellite in a prograde orbit about a (pro-grade) rotating planet: A tidal bulge is set up on both bodies. If the planet rotates faster than the satellite orbits then the bulge can be carried ahead of the sub-satellite point by the primary's rotation: (The angle L is usually small, of order 1 degree.) The bulge exerts a force on the satellite which has a tangential component speeding it up and causing it to move to a higher orbit: The satellite in return slows the planet's spin rate:
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Unformatted text preview: So, the moon moves away from the planet and the planet rotation rate slows until either the satellite is lost or the spin and orbital periods become the same. Much of the energy is dissipated in the bodies as heat. Thus we see Io, the closest body to Jupiter, and to some extent Europa, the next, subject to large amounts of tidal heating. This is probably what supplies the power for the volcanic activity on Io, and may be keeping some of the ice on Europa liquid....
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