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Evolution by Natural Selectio1

Evolution by Natural Selectio1 - Evolution by Natural...

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Evolution by Natural Selection Evolution was not a new thing in the time of Charles Darwin—there were scientists writing about evolution a hundred years before Darwin and there were ancient Greek thinkers such as Anaximander and Empedocles who thought that life forms change over time. Evolution is usually thought to have started with Charles Darwin because he developed a plausible materialistic mechanism for evolution called natural selection . In the modern view of natural selection, individuals carrying genes (units of heredity consisting of a sequence of DNA bases) that better suit them to the current environment leave more offspring than individuals carrying genes that make them less adapted. Actually, the idea of natural selection was first formally published by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace at the same time in 1858 but Charles Darwin had been developing the idea for over twenty years before then and sharing it informally with a few colleagues. After receiving an early draft of a paper from Wallace about Wallace's
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