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Galileo Galileo image showing a dark spot (interrupting the red ring of short-chain sulfur allotropes deposited by Pele ) produced by a major eruption at Pillan Patera in 1997 The Galileo spacecraft arrived at Jupiter in 1995 after a six-year journey from Earth to follow up on the discoveries of the two Voyager probes and ground-based observations taken in the intervening years. Io's location within one of Jupiter's most intense radiation belts precluded a prolonged close flyby, but Galileo did pass close by shortly before entering orbit for its two-year, primary mission studying the Jovian system. While no images were taken during the close flyby on December 7, 1995, the encounter did yield significant results, such as the discovery of a large iron core, similar to that found in the rocky planets of the inner solar system. [39] Despite the lack of close-up imaging and mechanical problems that greatly restricted the amount
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