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Lecture 1: Intro easy stuff Lecture 2:Early History of the Bible Summary: Pentateuch poses history of conflict and power struggle. Key terms o Pentateuch: first 5 books of the bible AKA Torah o Council of Jamnia: Council is composed of respected Jewish scholars, and established a collection of scriptures. Contains fewer books than the bible. o Content o Documentary Hypothesis: Idea that different sources compose the torah Ephraim Uses Divine name El. Expresses the view of the Shiloh, a religious center and the original cult center for the Israelite God. Moses is the spotlight in this version of the story. Judah J represents the views of priests of Jerusalem. Priest of Jerusalem document of E and merged it into J. (Genesis, Exodus and Numbers) Priest Priestley source that gives all the laws of Leviticus(one of the unique source of P) Read J, E, and wrote the P source. Diminishes the role of Moses. Shares outlook of book of Chronicles. Only Priests in the south, the priests of Aaron, in Jerusalem can perform the right of sacrifice. Covers Genesis, Exodus, Numbers and Leviticus Deuteronomnist Josiah wrote Deuteronomy, Judges, Joshua, 1 st and 2 nd Kings. Deuteronomy is also known as BOOK OF THE LAW o Evoked religious reform D is the reaction to P, expressed the particular outlook of priests which traced their ancestry to Moses. Redactor The editor Took J/E, P and D and turned into a single account which is the TORAH Torah is the Law of Moses Possible Essay Questions: o Explain the significance the Documentary Hypothesis. Lecture 3: Genesis: Biblical and Other floods, Eden and Other Gardens Summary: Comparing and Contrasting Genesis to other Texts Key Terms: Content: o The Creation: Babylonian Creation story: Enuma Elish Female Freshwater, Male Saltwater gods Have children through sex but when the kids grow up they become noisy and disobedient and the parents decide to kill the kids. They fail, kids chose a leader in the war between generations. Slays mother and takes half of her carcass to make heavens, the other to make Land. Made the Humans to tend to the land. o The Genesis Account Only one God, no birth, no biography, no stories of exploit. No children or family. Omnipotent, exceeds human capcities for moral behavior. God of Genesis speaks the cosmos into existence. Makes humans with his hands. o The Garden of Eden: Garden of the Gods
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Homer Meneleaus lives a comfy afterlife because he married Helen in the Elysian Fields. It resembles Olympus Gilgamesh: Garden of the Sun Gilgamesh finds a garden=immortality Homer and Gilgamesh shows Garden is associated with immortality and Gods and heroes and kings seek this place Garden of Eden Contrasts: Genesis is the setting is a story of transgression and origin of evil and how man was separated from god whereas immortality is sought in this garden. In genesis the man his thrown out of
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Final Study Guide - Lecture 1 Intro easy stuff Lecture...

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