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Induced magnetosphere Venus interacts with the solar wind. Components of the induced magnetosphere are shown. Venus is known not to have a magnetic field . [24] [25] The reason for its absence is not clear, but is probably related to the planet's slow rotation or the lack of convection in the mantle . Venus only has an induced magnetosphere formed by the Sun's magnetic field carried by the solar wind . [24] This process can be understood as the field lines wrapping around an obstacle—Venus in this case. The induced magnetosphere of Venus has a bow shock , magnetosheath , magnetopause and magnetotail with the current sheet . [24] [25] At the subsolar point the bow shock stands 1900 km (0.3 R v , where R v is the radius of Venus) above the surface of Venus. This distance was measured in 2007 near the solar activity minimum. [25] Near the solar activity maximum it can be several times further from the planet. [24]
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