Introduction to Astronomy and Motions of the Sk2

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Astronomy and Motions of the Sky What's this all about What exactly is astronomy ? What do astronomers study? They study pretty much everything from the smallest atoms to the entire Universe. That's a pretty wide field of study, to say the least. They can do some rather boring things such as using math and physics to figure out how the Universe and everything in the Universe works - how things formed, how they move, how they live their lives and possibly even how they will ultimately be destroyed. They look at how things move, and unlike meteorologists, they are able to predict things, such as when the Sun will rise, when the Moon will set or a whole slew of other things. Some astronomers spend all of their time gathering images of objects in the sky using a wide range of instruments. Of course, there is not a lot that they can do on cloudy days - though you'll see there are exceptions to this rule. Astronomers study such things as planets, stars, galaxies, moons, asteroids, comets, space rule....
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