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Light2 - light(it comes right after infrared after all...

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Light The type of light that you experience most of the time is visible light. You might just think of it as white light from a typical light bulb or the yellow light from the Sun, but if you were to take that light and pass it through a prism you'd get a rainbow. Visible light is made up of actually all sorts of different types of light (different wavelengths). It is often surprising to people to learn that white light is actually made up of all these colors combined together. If you have ever seen a rainbow then you have seen the full range of visible light. It is easy to remember the order of visible light from long to short wavelength since it is the same as the rainbow - Red , Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue , Indigo , Violet . Of course, if you don't have a rainbow handy, all you need to remember is Roy G. Biv , the world famous astronomer! Most pictures of objects that you'll see in this course were taken with visible light cameras, since we can easily produce those images and our minds are geared to interpret them. Red has the longest wavelength of visible
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Unformatted text preview: light (it comes right after infrared, after all), while violet is the shortest wavelength visible light. Continuing on down the light spectrum to shorter wavelengths, after visible light, or in this case after violet light, comes ultraviolet . Don't add an "n" to the name and make it ultraviolent, even though this type of light is rather nasty stuff. This is the type of light that gives you a sunburn in the summer and can lead to unpleasant things like skin cancer. Right on the heels of ultraviolet light comes an even nastier form, x-rays . You know this stuff is nasty when the dentist leaves the room when they x-ray your teeth. Finally, we have the shortest wavelength type of light that is studied by astronomers, gamma-rays . These are very short wavelength and are also rather rare. There is the whole range of light, from longest to shortest wavelength. Most importantly, you should remember that all types of light travel at the same speed, namely c ....
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