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Models of the Sk1

Models of the Sk1 - Models of the Sky Celestial Sphere If...

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Unformatted text preview: Models of the Sky - Celestial Sphere If you were to sit outside on a clear night, you would notice that over the course of the evening different objects pass over your head, and other objects will appear to rise and others will appear to set. If you were to go outside a month later you would see stars still doing these things, but the stars wouldn't be in the same places doing the same things at the same times as you saw them a month ago. A star that was located near the eastern horizon last month might now be very high above the southeast horizon at the same tim e of night. A star you saw in the west might no longer be visible. When and where stars are located in the sky varies from night to night. Remember, different constellations are visible at different times of the year - you'll see why this is in the next set of notes. Perhaps you want to see an object when it is highest above the horizon, as far from the ground as possible. This is the best time to see an object, since there is less chance that it will be obscured possible....
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