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Models of the Sk5 - Models of the Sky Celestial Sphere...

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Models of the Sky - Celestial Sphere We're not at one of those locations - we're in Cedar Falls (at least I am). How do we determine our latitude? Simply draw a line from our location to the center of the Earth and a line from the Equator to the center of the Earth (see Figure 3). Now measure the angle between these two lines - this is our latitude! For Cedar Falls, our latitude is 42.5º N. The latitude of any location on the Earth can be found by measuring its angular distance from the Earth's equator. Draw a line from the North pole to the center of the Earth and you'll end up with an angle of 90º - which is the latitude of the North pole! Figure 3. The definition of latitude. The angle between your location and the equator (where latitude =0) determines the value of your latitude. Now, if we were to take this coordinate system and stretch it up to the sky, we would be cooking! Why can we do this? First of all, the Celestial Sphere is already sort of set up the same way as the latitude system -
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