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Motion of the S10

Motion of the S10 - declination system is an extension of...

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Motion of the Sun On the Summer and the Winter Solstice (around June 21 and December 21 respectively), the Sun reaches its most northern and southern declinations. People who live at a latitude of 23.5º north and south of the equator will have the Sun at their zenith at noon only on that day of the year (June 21 or December 21 depending upon whether they live at 23.5º north or south). You may have noticed these latitudes marked on maps because of their special relation to the Sun - these are the Tropics . They are the Tropic of Capricorn , located at 23.5º S, when the Sun is at the zenith on about December 21, and the Tropic of Cancer , found at a latitude of 23.5º N, where the Sun is found at the zenith on about June 21. These two lines also limit the locations where the Sun is visible at the zenith. Only between the latitudes of 23.5º N and 23.5º S would you ever have the Sun directly overhead. Since the
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Unformatted text preview: declination system is an extension of the latitude system, the Sun's declination can only have values within that range as well, between 23.5º N and 23.5º S. Here is an animation of the Sun relative to the stars. Each image is seven days apart so that you are seeing how far the Sun moves in a week's time relative to the stars. You'll see that it moves toward the left (East), and sometimes it goes further to the south and sometimes it goes further to the north. These are the stars and constellations that the Sun would appear to be in front of at some time during the year, if we could see the stars located behind the Sun in the daytime. You may notice that many of the constellation names are familiar to you; gee, I wonder from where?...
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