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Motion of the Stars - Motion of the Stars The other main...

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Motion of the Stars The other main players in the evening sky are the stars, and I don't mean Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but those twinkly little things in the sky. What do we know about them just by looking at them with our eyes? Stars seem to remain in fixed patterns in the sky, which we call constellations. They stay in these patterns and don't appear to change over your life time or the life times of generations. Of course, people give them names, sometimes silly names, but they do help us find our way in the sky since they appear to remain in fixed patterns. If the stars are in "fixed" patterns that means they don't move, right? WRONG! They appear to move (while staying in their constellation patterns) over the course of the evening, as anyone who has slept under the stars can tell you. If you watch them over the hours, you will notice that most stars appear to rise somewhere in the East and set somewhere in the West over the course of an evening. You may have noticed that I said that "most stars" appear to rise and set. This is because
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