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Motion of the Su5

Motion of the Su5 - Motion of the Sun One thing you have to...

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Motion of the Sun One thing you have to remember about the Sun is that it makes it very difficult to see anything else in the sky when it is out - even though the stars and planets are out there, the brightness of the Sun is so overwhelming that you don't have much of a chance of see them until the Sun sets. Which stars would be visible? Which constellations would be visible if we could turn off the Sun? That depends upon what time of the year you look. If you were to turn the Sun down so that you could see the stars at the same time that you could see the Sun, you would notice that the Sun appears to move slowly toward the East from one day to the next - it moves about 1º each day. In about a month it has moved 30º to the East relative to the stars; in four months, it will be about 120º east of where it started; and after one year, it will have gone about 360º. That means it is back where it started from, since there are 360º in a circle! This also explains why we see different constellations in different seasons. As the Sun moves slowly in front of various
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