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Motion of the Su8 - Motion of the Sun Why is the system all...

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Motion of the Sun Why is the system all screwed up? Is this any way to do business? Of course it is not, and to be honest, the system was originally set up correctly. When this system was initially set up, the Sun was in the correct "sign," so that on August 30, the Sun was in the constellation of Virgo (unlike how it is now). Things have changed since the astrological signs were first set up by the Babylonians in about 2000 BC. The entire system has been gradually shifting due to the wobbling of the Earth. The Earth is wobbling? Yes, the Earth sort of acts like a spinning top - and like a spinning top, it wobbles. We shouldn't say wobbles, since that doesn't sound too scientific. The term precession is used to describe the wobbling - and it does sound more scientific. The Earth is slowly precessing, and the pole of the Earth, or the axis of rotation, will point one way, then another, then back again and so on, just like a wobbling toy top. This is mainly due to the Moon's gravitational influence. Originally, on the Vernal Equinox in 2000 BC, the Sun was located in between Aries and Pisces,
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