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Motion of the Su9 - Motion of the Sun We have the Sun...

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Motion of the Sun We have the Sun appearing to move amongst the stars (but you know that it is really due to the motion of the Earth around the Sun) along the ecliptic. This path, the ecliptic, goes through various constellations in the sky. In fact, it goes roughly through 12 rather special constellations. These constellations are sort of set apart from the rest of the constellations because of this aspect and we refer to them as the zodiac . This brings up a rather interesting aspect of astrology - determining what your "sign" is. If you were to look in a newspaper at a horoscope column, you can determine what your "sign" is by the date of your birth. What does the date have to do with it? The date is supposed to correspond to the location of the Sun relative to the stars on the day you were born. Since the Sun appears to move, the stars it is in front of will change gradually over the course of a year. Whatever constellation (of the zodiac) the Sun was in front of on the day you were born will tell you what your "sign" is. This may seem like a straightforward
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