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Motions of the Sky - Motions of the Sky First a word of...

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Motions of the Sky First a word of explanation - when we talk about stuff "rising" and "setting" it is the appearance of something rising or setting. In reality objects like the Sun or Moon aren't physically rising from the horizon. Most of the motions we see in the sky are caused by our (the Earth's) motion, both its rotation and orbital motion. It is just common to say "the Sun rose in the East today" rather than to say "the Earth rotated toward the direction of the Sun, which caused it to appear to rise in the east". So all of the "motions" described below are really apparent motions - not really an indication of how things are actually moving, but how they appear to move. Motions/Events of the Sun The Sun is pretty bright, and without it, all life on Earth would be nonexistent, so let's see how complicated its motions are. We'll just consider the motions that you would see in Iowa - It rises along the eastern horizon and sets along the western horizon - but it doesn't rise exactly due east and it doesn't set exactly due west. The exact location on the horizon
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