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Newton's Laws of Motion Newton also found that for every action force ON an object, there is an equal but opposite force BY the object ( Newton's third law of motion ). For example, if Andre the Giant is stuck on the ice with Tom Thumb and he pushes Tom Thumb to the right, Andre will feel an equal force from Tom pushing him to the left. Tom will slide to the right with great speed and Andre will slide to the left with smaller speed since Andre's mass is larger than Tom's. Another example: an apple falls to the Earth because it is pulled by the force of the Earth's
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Unformatted text preview: gravity on the apple and the acceleration of the apple is large. The apple also exerts a gravitational force on the Earth of the same amount . However, the acceleration the Earth experiences is vastly smaller than the apple's acceleration since the Earth's mass is vastly larger than the apple's---you will ordinarily refer to the apple falling to the Earth, rather than the Earth moving toward the apple or that they are falling toward each other....
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