Newton2 - Newton's Laws of Motion In order to accurately...

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Unformatted text preview: Newton's Laws of Motion In order to accurately describe how things move, you need to be careful in how you describe the motion and the terms you use. Scientists are usually very careful about the words they use to explain something because they want to accurately represent nature. Language can often be imprecise and as you know, statements can often be misinterpreted. Because the goal of science is to find the single true nature of the universe, scientists try to carefully choose their words to accurately represent what they see. That is why scientific papers can look so ``technical'' (and even, introductory astronomy textbooks!) When you think of motion, you may first think of something moving at a uniform speed. The speed = (the distance travelled)/(the time it takes). Because the distance is in the top of the fraction, there is a direct relation between the speed and the distance: the greater the distance travelled in a given time, the greater is the speed. However, there is an inverse relation between travelled in a given time, the greater is the speed....
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