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Other Pieces Opacity : It takes a LONG time for photons produced by nuclear reactions in the core to reach the surface. In the opaque interior a photon travels only about 1 centimeter before it runs into an atom or ion and is absorbed. A measure of the gas' ability to absorb the photons is called its opacity . You cannot see into the interior of a star because the gas has a high opacity. The photon is later re-emitted but in a random direction. It may be re-emitted in the direction it came from! So the photon travels a very zig-zag sort of path outward. It takes about a million years for a photon to travel from where it was created in the core to the surface where it is finally released into space. Along the way the photon has transferred some its energy to the gas particles, so the photon has changed from very high energy gamma rays to the lower energy visible light photons. Some of the radiation is also in the
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Unformatted text preview: form of neutrinos. The gas has almost zero opacity with the neutrinos so they pass right on through the star's gas in just a few seconds. The equation of state, hydrostatic equilibrium and the other physical principles are put together for each layer in a star. The equations are solved for each layer starting from the layer there is direct information of, the surface. That result gives the conditions for the next layer's equations. Solving the layer's equations gives the conditions for the layer below it and this process continues on down toward the center layer by layer. In order to get sufficient detail for accurate results, the star's interior is divided into hundreds of layers. To save on time, the equations are solved using a computer....
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