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Possibility of life in the ocean

Possibility of life in the ocean - liquid water and energy...

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Possibility of life in the ocean As with Europa and Ganymede , the idea has been raised that extraterrestrial microbial life may exist in a salty ocean under the Callistoan surface. [18] However, the conditions for life appear to be less favorable on Callisto than on Europa. The principal reasons are the lack of contact with rocky material and the lower heat flux from the interior of Callisto. [18] Scientist Torrence Johnson said the following about comparing the odds of life on Callisto with the odds on other Galilean moons : [49] The basic ingredients for life—what we call 'pre-biotic chemistry'—are abundant in many solar system objects, such as comets, asteroids and icy moons. Biologists believe
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Unformatted text preview: liquid water and energy are then needed to actually support life, so it's exciting to find another place where we might have liquid water. But, energy is another matter, and currently, Callisto's ocean is only being heated by radioactive elements, whereas Europa has tidal energy as well, from its greater proximity to Jupiter. ” Based on the considerations mentioned above and on other scientific observations, it is thought that of all of Jupiter's Galilean moons, Europa has the greatest chance of supporting microbial life ....
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