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Possibility of life Venera 7 , the first probe to survive the high atmospheric pressure of Venus and transmit data from the surface, though only for 23 minutes Due to the harsh conditions on the surface, little of the planet has been explored; in addition to the fact that life as currently understood may not necessarily be the same in other parts of the universe, the extent of the tenacity of life on Earth itself has not yet been shown. Creatures known as extremophiles exist on Earth, preferring extreme habitats. Thermophiles and hyperthermophiles thrive at temperatures reaching above the boiling point of water, acidophiles thrive at a pH level of 3 or below, polyextremophiles can survive a varied number of extreme conditions, and many other types of extremophiles exist on Earth. [37] However, life could also exist outside of the extremophile range in the cloudtops, and in the same way that bacteria have been found living and reproducing in clouds on Earth, it has been proposed that life could exist in the same area on Venus. [38]
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