Quasars - from the fuzz is from stars. Equal opportunity...

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Quasars Perhaps the quasars are not as far away as the Hubble Law says from their redshifts. If their large redshifts are due to some powerful explosive event that shot the quasars out at some tremendous speed, then you would not have to worry about the tremendous luminosities. That would be nice, but unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like a good mystery) that does not appear to be the case. Quasars are found in clusters of galaxies. The galaxies are much fainter than the quasars so only the largest telescopes can gather enough light to create a spectrum for those far away galaxies. Their spectra also have the same large redshift of the quasars in the cluster. Also, some quasars are close enough to us that some fuzz is seen around them. The color of the fuzz is like that of normal galaxies. The spectra of the fuzzy patches around the bright quasar shows that the light
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Unformatted text preview: from the fuzz is from stars. Equal opportunity quasar hosts : top left: core of normal spiral, bottom left: core of normal elliptical, top center: spiral galaxy hit face-on to make a quasar+starburst galaxy, bottom center: quasar merging with a bright galaxy and maybe another one, top right: tail of dust and gas show that the host galaxy collided with another one, bottom right: merging galaxies create a quasar in their combined nucleus. Select the image to view an enlarged version in another window. Courtesy of Space Telescope Science Institute In addition, the gravitational lensing of quasars by distant galaxies is only possible if the lensed quasars are farther away than the galaxy bending the quasar's light. Quasars are the exceptionally bright nuclei of galaxies!...
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Quasars - from the fuzz is from stars. Equal opportunity...

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